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Google Business Profile Optimisation

Google Business Profile Optimisation

If you are a local business with a physical location then this part is something you will want to set up. In essence, it is a Google Plus Page and has the ability for people to give you local reviews as well.

Local Search is not a new thing, actually it dates back to the Yellow Pages Directories. What is new now is online Local Search (Google Places Search). Local Search has become extremely important as it is now integrated with normal searches based on the area where you are located.

Anyone can list their business or Service in a matter of minutes on Google Places at

Get first page Google Rankings without a Website!

However you need to ensure that your listing is optimised correctly so that you obtain all the FREE traffic that an Optimised Google Places listing will bring you. Web SEO will handle your Google Places Optimisation so that your company will reap the benefits on “Local Search”. Eg. If you search for plumbers on google standard search, the Google Places listings will be included in these searches. Local Search can drive thousands of very QUALIFIED visitors monthly. These are visitors who know exactly what they’re looking for!

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