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Search engines have changed the way we live

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Consumers use the internet every day. Accessing search engines such as Google from their desktops or mobile devices to search for anything from roadside assistance to which bakery will sell the best muffins in town.

Search engines have changed the way we live. We don’t pick up the Yellow Pages if we looking for a particular business address anymore, we simply Google it. That is why local search drives local business.

It has become essential to market your business online, to ensure not only exposure but profitability as well. Local SEO should be your businesses number one priority. By optimising your company locally in directories and by building structured citations, you enable your business to rank higher and in turn, this will help your local clientele find you online.

To make sure Google ranks your business efficiently, make sure the content of your citations are precise and relevant. Consistent information is the key to ensuring your business is prominent in Google’s (local) organic rankings.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Keep your business information consistent i.e. physical address, tel no.
  • When listing your business on a local directory, make sure it is in a category related to your business
  • Quantity of listings/citations
  • It is important to use relevant/quality directories
  • Use keywords that BEST describes your business
The way we live is constantly changing and adapting to these changes is imperative for the survival of your business. So when it comes to local SEO keep an open mind, and embrace the change.

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