Darryl Coombes

Managing Director

+27 81 548 4680
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Entrepreneurial blood has been flowing through my veins as far back as I can remember.

To be successful online I believe that companies need to focus on conversions and sales and not only on traffic and rankings.

Thus I am proud of our motto: “Our SEO goal is very specific – we aim to get you more relevant visitors for your website and then change them into paying customers”

When I am not in the office you will find me on the golf course where I can get away from everything for a few hours.

Gino Urbanski


+27 84 299 8458
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Hi! My name is Gino and I’m the technical director here at Web SEO.

With a solid background in Computer Science and Mathematics, I started working here while the company was still in its infancy.

Through hard work and dedication we have made our journey from humble beginnings to the successful SEO and Development Company we are today.

Hannes Coetzee


+27 82 365 3561
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He was once a sweet little boy made up of complex plans… plans to rule the world.

No one ever took the time to tell him you can’t actually rule the world. I suppose he could rule a country, but definitely not the whole world… or so they said.

Now, after being forced to wear shoes in the office, he spends his time trying to escape the slow, perpetual descend into mediocrity by playing around on the internet

So far everything is going according to plan and with the help of his trusty imaginary sidekick, the world will soon be within his grasp

Michael Doye

Head Of Web Development

+27 21 551 7052
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After moving to Cape Town 7 years ago from Johannesburg, dead-set on becoming a chef, I happily found myself on the path to becoming a Web Developer instead, and have never looked back…

I have a passion for building things and it so happens that a logical perspective goes a long way in developing and building websites.

Web SEO has provided me with perfect environment from which I can explore and push the boundaries of web development. More about me on my blog

Nathan Shepherd

Web Developer

+27 21 551 7052
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Since 2012, we’ve been developing SEO-friendly sites, incorporating white-hat SEO and sound development using the latest technologies and best practices. Developing search engine and mobile friendly sites can be a rewarding challenge. Pooling together the support and knowledge of a resourceful team of “SEO-logists” with years experience makes this possible.

Paul Hutchinson

Head of SEO

+27 21 551 7052
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“Life is all about Synergy, nothing can be done alone.”

Hi, I’m Paul, its great to know you are taking the time to read this. I am all about supporting your growth. And completing your goals to get you and your business up to a whole other level. Below is more about where I came from.

Growing up all over South Africa, and being a part of Website Development since the age of sixteen. All gave me a good start and direction. Then moving into Search Engine Optimisation for the last eight years really brings the experience needed to look out for the growth of your business. Before working at WebSEO I have years and years of business experience on a couple of industries. All to better you as our clients at the end of the day.

Shaheed White

SEO Strategist

+27 21 551 7052
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With the amazing power to increase click through rates using only 155 characters, this SERPS aficionado hails from Athlone, Cape Town.

Shaheed White is fervent about all things SEO and started out in the scene spinning articles. Since then he has teamed up with the white hat ops at Web Seo and is trying really hard to forget that dark vile era.

Loves: Quality Content Creation

Hates: Spam & Keyword stuffing

Nathier Cassiem

SEO Strategist

+27 21 551 7052
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After spending 3 years in the PPC enviroment i have a proven track record on how to maximize ROI while minimizing budget spend, I am also responsible for bridging the gap between SEO and PPC to ensure a great overal digital marketing experience.

Candise Jacobs

Head of Social Media

+27 21 551 7052
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My social skills not only shine online but excel in the flesh and blood as well (who would of thought such a thing could be true for a social media manager)!

I approach every project with enthusiasm, passion and a strong desire to ensure that all my missions are bolder and better than the last.

I live and breathe Social Media so much so that it is no surprise my dreams consist of hashtags and handles. I understand the power social media has now and I am excited to see its influence grow and transform marketing as we know it!

Michelle Sheng

Social Media Consultant

+27 21 551 7052
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For a 90’s baby who grew up in the first age of internet, what job could be more exciting than a Social Media Consultant? I believe that creativity comes from the heart and can only be achieved if you are truly passionate about your job. Well I definitely have that covered. Through my many years of soul searching, I can truly say this is the job for me. The industry has so much for me to explore and it is waiting for me to uncover all of its potentials.

I am passionate! I am focused! And I am ready to help your company thrive on social media!

Leighton Voltman

Graphic Designer

+27 21 551 7052
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After graduating in 2012, finding a creative agency was my primary objective. I started working at a company in 2013 which came to an inevitable end within a month, due to their “think inside the box” approach to design. This is where my freelance journey started and I’ve never looked back.

…Until I found Web SEO. This is what I’ve been looking for, a “creativity incubator” that has allowed me to tear the box apart and rearrange it into a dodecahedron.

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.”
-Carl Jung

Gunther Kriel

Graphic Designer

+27 21 551 7052
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Hi! I’m Gunther. I’m one of the Creative Wizards here a Web SEO.

After being set free into the world, I studied the magical world that is Art and Design at the College of Cape Town. Having graduated with all the design knowledge and spells in the palms of my hands, I returned as an apprentice where I was moulded to one day become a Dark Lord of Students and spent 2 years enforcing my rule on all. They worshipped me and called me King Gunta. But a’las all good things had to come to an end…jokes aside.

In search of a better life, I set my path all the way from the great False Bay area up to the North of Cape Town. Here I encountered many hurdles, great lessons and an even deeper passion for design. Soon I discovered the Web SEO team where I was welcomed with an abundance of rare online magic and wisdom. A place where my creativity is accepted. It wasn’t until I had my first dark brew of coffee that I knew I was home. I look forward to many creative adventures created by our ever growing team as well as working with our inspirational clients.

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We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and to thank you all for your support throughout the year. During this period, please send emails to support@webseo.co.za

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