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Google Maps provides high-resolution aerial or satellite images for most urban areas in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, as well as South Africa and many other countries.

The high-resolution imagery has been used by Google Maps to cover all of Egypt’s Nile Valley, Sahara desert and Sinai. Google Maps also covers many cities in the English speaking areas. However, Google Maps is not solely an English maps service, since its service is intended to cover the world.

As Google Maps is coded almost entirely in JavaScript and XML, some end users have reverse-engineered the tool and produced client-side scripts and server-side hooks which allowed a user or website to introduce expanded or customized features into the Google Maps interface.

Why does my business need Google Maps

Google Maps has become one of the newer disciplines that is increasingly important for local businesses. At Web SEO Services we have positioned numerous clients in the map sections of Google. Google has become the most popular medium for finding local vendors and finding more information about them. 

Google Maps pages are on just about every website that is visited today and is a key element in any internet marketing campaign. That is why its a good idea to consider Google Maps in line with all of your other marketing efforts. For those who have yet to reach top positions, and realise its importance, you’ve come to the right place.

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