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Twitter – 4 ways to stand out from the flock!

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Let’s face it, in today’s digital age people are turning to the internet and social media platforms all the time, especially when it comes news related topics. Therefore, it makes sense that one of the most popular sources of information on the internet today is the microblogging platform called Twitter, the place where people share 140 word messages also more popularly known as tweets. Do you want to increase your visibility on Twitter? In the list below I’ll share some tips on how to enlarge your Twitter presence.

1. Engage

Engage and connect with your followers by replying to their questions and by thanking them for retweets. Greet your tribe and wish them well on special days, also include some human element by posting pictures of your workstation and include questions in some of your tweets. Be creative and show some personality.

2. Be consistent

Make sure you stay engaged with your followers by tweeting every day. By that I don’t mean you should tweet all the time, obviously you don’t want to fill and cluster the timelines of others users, but you should create a consistency.

You don’t even have to sit in front of your computer to do this all day, make use of the various automatic scheduling applications or agencies out there.

3. Be dynamic

Market your product and company, but do make sure to add other informative and inspiring titbits to your timeline that’s relatable to you industry. Avoid being predictable.

4. Use hashtags

Use keyword hashtags on your tweets. With that being said, use them sparingly and make sure they are relevant and trending. This way, when people searches for a service or product, your tweets will come up.

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