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Tips on how Social Media can help

Tips on how Social Media can help
In the span of 7 days of being an intern here at Web SEO I have learnt so many things about social media. I have been working religiously with the 5 social network giants: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and not forgetting the ancient social media site Linkedin. Many people have been asking me what influences social networking will have, not only in their personal lives, but in their businesses as well. We shouldn’t forget that the internet has integrated so much in our daily lives, that for most of us it has become a source of entertainment, education or finding your soul mate.

To my social media challenged friends may I interest you in some tips on how to better your brand online:

  • Be aware of your personal online presence, this may affect your business’ like-ability online.
  • EXTREMELY good content on your website and different networks, this keeps your customers engaged and enlightened with your brand.
  • Keep attracting more clients, from different forms of social interactions online such as videos, competitions or people sharing your content through links or mentions.
  • Become an online guru. Stay up to date with social media news and trends happening in the cyber world.
  • Not everything you post has to be serious, most people enjoy reading content that is funny or thought provoking.
  • Be memorable.

Social media can only help your business and create awareness about your brand, so don’t be afraid of exposure, because more exposure gives you more business.

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