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5 ways to improve user engagement on your website

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Write content for the user...

When you start planning your article keep your audience in mind. After all they will be the readers and the ones who share your articles at the end of the day. Give them something useful and appealing.

They must be able to apply what they have read immediately and must feel the need to share it with others. And if the information is valuable they will share it, they will share it, they will share it…

Give them virtual status...

People love to feel special. There are many businesses that use these tricks. Focus on the emotions of the user. Just because you are online does not mean that you can forget the human behind the screen. Normal brick and mortar businesses have been doing this for years and with a little creativity this can work just as well for an online, virtual website or business.

Give your subscribers special rewards, let them want to be part of your club by offering invites only membership (The fact that a user cannot simply sign up, makes people want to be part of it so much more). If you feel that your business or website might not benefit from exclusive membership, think about other ways to make users feel special and important.


Much like virtual status, this offers special privileges and rewards to users.

You can list your top ‘commenters’ in a special section on your pages; have a customer of the month, exclusive sneak previews of upcoming products and services, vouchers, give-aways and competitions.

The point here is to encourage the user to take action. You must provide the motivation for their actions.

Personal Engagement...

As I mentioned earlier, just because you are part of the virtual realm does not mean that you should forget the human behind the screen. One of the most difficult things to do as an online business, blog or website is to establish trust.

Trust in turn creates customer loyalty and we all know that this is a core objective of any business or brand. Because the user can not physically experience your business via smell and touch, you must try to incorporate as many “human” elements as possible.

Try to add visual elements like videos. This will make the user feel like you are speaking directly to him or her.

Add small, personal elements to your website. Create a personal presence by adding a photo of yourself, mention the users name in replies and direct messages, using humour and keeping it light. Focus on ego and emotional elements. The purpose of this is to get your user to relate and connect with you on a deeper level. This builds trust and loyalty.

Keep in mind that customers are likely to support a brand that they can connect and identify with.

Make sure your website is fool proof...

Most users are looking for information fast, so do not make them look for the link, page or information. Your website should be easy to navigate.

Also, do not discourage them with too much reading material. Get straight to the point and offer them thorough information that they can use.

Always remember that although the web can be a very skilled and technical place, your users are still ego driven, human beings. So give them stars and give them status and in turn they will give you their time and attention.

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