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Google Ad Words for A Smart Business Campaign


Ad Words for A Smart Business CampaignIf you open the Google search engine page for regular search you will find advertisements of products with their website URL on the right side of the page and on the top. These are called sponsored links.

The list of sponsored links appears through a program called Google Ad Words. This is one of the most successful marketing strategies offered by Google to the online traders to popularize their product and help them to deliver relevant traffic to their site. Sometimes phrases or keywords are sold for Add Word.

Once the sites decide on selling a particular product online, they have to use keyword or phrases related to the product to appear on Google search page. If they want to be part of the Google Ad Words they have to bid on the terms they wish. The more they bid there are more chances of their ad appearing on the first few pages of Google search.

Ranking of the sponsored links are done according to the pay per click rate, bid price, and landing page quality. The websites pay the search engine some fees depending on the number of times viewers click on their advertisement on Google Ad Words. That is why they are also called Pay per Click or PPC.

Google Ad Words

To start with Google Add Words you need to know what kind of advertising strategy you want. You have to decide whether you want to do direct online marketing or you want to collect relevant leads to follow up. Once your goal is set, the next step is to set up a website. You set up your website with a landing page for your product and you are ready to sign up with Google Ad Words. You can write a reasonably good advertisement with selected keywords which will be provided by Google itself during sign up process.

Google Ad words for BusinessKeeping targeted keyword is important for you. You must have at least two sets of keywords, general ones and narrowly targeted ones and keep a track of which keyword or key phrases are getting maximum results. The ones which are not yielding results can be removed.

You must monitor the success of your ad campaign. You should know how many sales are happening from your ad or how many leads you are getting. For this you need to have codes embedded in your web page. In Ad Word document Google teaches you how to do it. Google uses a powerful tool called Google Analytics which is now integrated with Google Ad Words to track the success of paid search as well as organic search. With this you will get to track the experience and behavior of your website visitor.

You should opt for Google Add Words if you want to be visible on search engines quickly. It also helps you to appear at a top rank on major search engine within a short period. Google gives the paid ads to its partners to be put up on their search pages. This helps you to get more exposure. Your ads can also appear in Google Content Network (Google AdSense) if you want when you are setting up Ad Word.

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