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Video SEO Basics

Video SEO Basics

Over the last couple of years, Video SEO has become a source of growth potential. Video will continue to grow in popularity and accessibility and we should be taking advantage of this, here are a few tips to run a successful video SEO campaign:

Content – As we are well aware, relevancy is a major ranking factor to Google, thus, be sure to have valuable, relevant content on your video. The more quality videos the bigger your chances of gaining authority, building a trusting relationship with your audience can also increase your conversion rate.

Video should be hosted on your own domain – If you are creating video content to gain rankings for your site, the video needs to be hosted on your own domain in order to ensure that search engines don’t direct the traffic to another site, it would also be a good idea to create a new page for each video as Google has mentioned that this makes the indexing easier.

Grab user’s attention straight away – create an interactive video that will engage the users with the content.

Optimise with Keywords – Keyword research is key, know your target audience and experiment with different phrases to find the most successful plan. Remember to create descriptive content that will be user-friendly and also search engine friendly.

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