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Hentry Fixer Worpdress Plugin for hAtom errors

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WP Hentry Fixer (ver 0.2.0)

WP Hentry Fixer allows you to rectify common hAtom errors appearing in Google Search Console (Search Appearance > Structured Data) in the following ways:

Update 06-06-2018 Version 0.2.0

New Features:

  • Injects hentry data into specified custom post types
  • Add schema to WooCommerce product pages (injects JSON LD data)
  • Settings” action link to options page added on plugins page
  1. Removing “hentry” classes from inapplicable pages
    like generic pages (is_page()) or attachment pages (is_attachment()) – included by certain themes on occasion
  2. Inject hentry data into the following types of pages:
    • Archive pages is_archive()
    • Single Post pages is_single()
    • Posts page is_home()
  3. Inject Hentry Data into Custom Post Types detected New
    injects hentry data into any custom post types detected, e.g: is_singular( 'custom_post_type' )
  4. Redirect attachment pages to post parent
    redirects attached pages to parent page and unattached pages to home page
  5. Add schema to WooCommerce product pages New
    injects JSON LD data into single product pages (is_product()), only available if WooCommerce is installed

Download the latest stable production version of the plugin.

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