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Google SSL Queries held back


What has been the impact of the SSL (not provided) query that Google said would only account for less than 5%?

We have seen an ever increasing graph that really concerns us. How can we track things when Google is holding this back?

I believe that Google has done this to PUSH people towards AdWords as they have the monopoly and can almost do as they want! My thoughts for this is that AdWords advertisers can still see this data and if it were a security issue as Google is claiming then they should not be able to see this as well?

Maybe all of us as SEO people should start promoting Bing and just get Google to take a step back and think about it – yeah right, what are the chances of that.

I believe that this is just the beginning as Google pushes more people into Google+ users will be logged in automatically then this will result in the graphs below spiking even more.

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