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Google Selling First Page Results?


Google have always said that they will never sell first page searchresults. We did a search recently for “Web Designer Company” on a 1024 resolution screen and the results we got are below. they are quite scary!

This makes one think if the consumers are getting the most accurate results or just the results from companies who are willing to pay the most.

From our analytics stats across most websites we see that approx. 60% of people still have a 1024 resolution screen, so below is what they will see when doing a search on

There are only 2 results shown that are organic (results that Google sees as being the most relevant), the rest are just paid advertising (Adwords).

So will we soon only see advertising results on Google and they will remove the ADS word on the top right and take away the very light backround that they say differentiates them as Ads? – will be interesting to see developments!


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