Search engine optimisation is the technique of getting a website to work better with search engines. Increasing the traffic to your site by means of responding to a search query from credible sources linking to your site from all over the web, this helps because it is seen as a letter of recommendation to a search engine such as Google, and an increase of traffic equals to a bigger online presence.

The way SEO works is through optimising your website by using keyword terms, link building, citations and marketing strategies, hence improving your rankings on search engines.

Quality link building, citations and social popularity will enhance your clients’ website reputation online, the more visibility and relevant links mean more clicks to the site as well. The content on the site is also important, as to entice people and to keep them coming back for more business to your client.

Ibtisaam's take on SEO

A successful SEO is one who does their research thoroughly by figuring out what customers who are interested in your clients’ products or services key into search engines, remembering that if a certain search term is used a lot it is more likely to send more traffic to your website.

To understand each and every client’s situation individually and how they compare to their competitors and to better rank above them and the millions of websites.

Being an SEO comes with putting your client’s needs above all else because if you keep helping them build brand awareness combined with all the hits to their site they in turn make more money and stay happy with all your work you put into their site.

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