The famous Social Media Platform a.k.a Facebook earlier today revealed a new feature to their ever improving and updated social platform. Facebook lists allows you to create a list of facebook friends and sort them according to their social status with you. Very much like Google’s G+, where you have circles to sort your friends into family, work friends, acquaintances and more.


Much like google+, you can control where and to who you post your status updates through a drop down menu when you update your status. Clicking on the list on the left hand side menu will take you to a news feed that only displays updates from your friends in that list. You can also control what type of updates displays in the list, if it’s only status updates or photos and likes or all activity.

This feature is quite a welcome addition to the facebook platform, more and more peoples status updates are missed just because of the shear number of posts and information being shared. With this feature you can now easily filter through those people status updates that are important to you and those, you don’t care too much about how big that spider was that scaled their curtains.