Project Description

Fly Cape Town is a group of highly experienced Tandem Paragliding Flight Instructors who provide the best paragliding Cape Town has to offer.

Fly Cape Town has been a Web SEO client since February 2014.  Their Social Media is geared towards targeting the adrenaline junkies and their absolute passion for flying.

We oversee the following Social Media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google+

A bit of statistical information for you on the growth (the good stuff):


Fly Cape Town Paragliding


Fly Cape Town Paragliding

Here we see a tremendous growth in all noted areas of Social Media and the most important one, Link Clicks.

We have grown their Facebook page from 5,767 followers to a whopping 8,020 followers, and counting.  On Twitter we have grown their following to 8,345 thus far.  

We look forward to many great things for Fly Cape Town and the continued success of their business.  What a dream to work with!