With social media well woven into our social lives now, where do the owners, founders and CEOs of these companies rank compared to their competitors and peers? Below is a list of the 30 wealthiest social media tycoons in the world.


Social Media Entrepreneur Company Residence Position Net Worth
Mark Zuckerberg Facebook USA Co-Founder, CEO $15.82 billion
Larry Page Google USA Co-Founder, CEO $15.69 billion
Sergey Brin Google USA Co-Founder, Director of Special Projects $15.36 billion
Robin Yanhong Li Baidu China Co-Founder, Chairman, CEO $9.46 billion
Anil Ambani Reliance Entertainment India Chairman $6.94 billion
Eric Schmidt Google USA Executive Chairman $6.61 billion
Ma Huateng Tencent China Co-Founder, Chairman, CEO $4.95 billion
Eric Lefkofsky Groupon USA Co-Founder, Executive Chairman $4.10 billion
Mark Pincus Zynga USA Founder, CEO $2.93 billion
Yoshikazu Tanaka Gree Japan Founder, CEO $2.80 billion
William Lei Ding Netease.com China Founder, CEO $2.55 billion
Joseph Yizhou Chen Renren China Founder, Chairman, CEO $1.93 billion
Zhang Zhidong Tencent China Co-Founder, CTO $1.67 billion
Andrew Mason Groupon USA Co-Founder, CEO $1.56 billion
Reid Hoffman LinkedIn USA Co-Founder, Executive Chairman $1.54 billion
Chen Tianqiao Shanda Interactive China Founder, Chairman, CEO $805 million
Kenji Kasahara Mixi Japan Co-Founder, CEO $565 million
Charles Zhang Sohu.com China Founder, Chairman, CEO $550 million
Jack Dorsey Twitter USA Co-Founder, Executive Chairman $490 million
Charles Guowei Chao Sina China CEO $480 million
James Jian Liu Renren China COO $240 million
Tim O’Shaughnessy LivingSocial USA Co-Founder, CEO $180 million
Eddie Frederick LivingSocial USA Co-Founder, President $180 million
Val Aleksenko LivingSocial USA Co-Founder, CIO $135 million
Aaron Batalion LivingSocial USA Co-Founder, CTO $135 million
Kaj Hed Rovio Finland Chairman $125 million
Christopher DeWolfe MindJolt USA CEO $120 million
Dennis Crowley Foursquare USA Co-Founder, CEO $60 million
Naveen Selvadurai Foursquare USA Co-Founder, CTO $55 million
Steven Sordello LinkedIn USA CFO $55 million
Collective Net Worth $98 billion
Mean Net Worth $3.27 billion


Mark Zuckerberg is still on top of this pile, but the co-founder of Google, Larry Page, is close on the heels of Mr.Zuckerberg.

Source: www.wealthx.com