Who’s on top of the social media pile?

Who’s on top of the social media pile?

With social media well woven into our social lives now, where do the owners, founders and CEOs of these companies rank compared to their competitors and peers? Below is a list of the 30 wealthiest social media tycoons in the world.


Social Media EntrepreneurCompanyResidencePositionNet Worth
Mark ZuckerbergFacebookUSACo-Founder, CEO$15.82 billion
Larry PageGoogleUSACo-Founder, CEO$15.69 billion
Sergey BrinGoogleUSACo-Founder, Director of Special Projects$15.36 billion
Robin Yanhong LiBaiduChinaCo-Founder, Chairman, CEO$9.46 billion
Anil AmbaniReliance EntertainmentIndiaChairman$6.94 billion
Eric SchmidtGoogleUSAExecutive Chairman$6.61 billion
Ma HuatengTencentChinaCo-Founder, Chairman, CEO$4.95 billion
Eric LefkofskyGrouponUSACo-Founder, Executive Chairman$4.10 billion
Mark PincusZyngaUSAFounder, CEO$2.93 billion
Yoshikazu TanakaGreeJapanFounder, CEO$2.80 billion
William Lei DingNetease.comChinaFounder, CEO$2.55 billion
Joseph Yizhou ChenRenrenChinaFounder, Chairman, CEO$1.93 billion
Zhang ZhidongTencentChinaCo-Founder, CTO$1.67 billion
Andrew MasonGrouponUSACo-Founder, CEO$1.56 billion
Reid HoffmanLinkedInUSACo-Founder, Executive Chairman$1.54 billion
Chen TianqiaoShanda InteractiveChinaFounder, Chairman, CEO$805 million
Kenji KasaharaMixiJapanCo-Founder, CEO$565 million
Charles ZhangSohu.comChinaFounder, Chairman, CEO$550 million
Jack DorseyTwitterUSACo-Founder, Executive Chairman$490 million
Charles Guowei ChaoSinaChinaCEO$480 million
James Jian LiuRenrenChinaCOO$240 million
Tim O’ShaughnessyLivingSocialUSACo-Founder, CEO$180 million
Eddie FrederickLivingSocialUSACo-Founder, President$180 million
Val AleksenkoLivingSocialUSACo-Founder, CIO$135 million
Aaron BatalionLivingSocialUSACo-Founder, CTO$135 million
Kaj HedRovioFinlandChairman$125 million
Christopher DeWolfeMindJoltUSACEO$120 million
Dennis CrowleyFoursquareUSACo-Founder, CEO$60 million
Naveen SelvaduraiFoursquareUSACo-Founder, CTO$55 million
Steven SordelloLinkedInUSACFO$55 million
Collective Net Worth$98 billion
Mean Net Worth$3.27 billion


Mark Zuckerberg is still on top of this pile, but the co-founder of Google, Larry Page, is close on the heels of Mr.Zuckerberg.

Source: www.wealthx.com

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