What Next Google We just noticed a new Adwords placement on Google – within the pop-up of Google Places! What will they do next? Introduce LIGHTBOX POP-UPS when we first go onto their search engine and then show us what they think we want to see or what people are prepared to pay for. We have seen over the past few months that Google is really pushing the AdWords like they never have before and since they have the monopoly THEY CAN.

This begs us to ask the question, are we seeing the best results always or just the results from the people who want to pay the most? This could make the future very bad for browsers as Google have always maintained that their goal is to supply browsers with the most relevant results possible!

This is clearly not the case anymore, have Google crossed the line and are people going to move across to other search engines when they cannot find what they are looking for on Google?

What Next Google