WHAT IS SEO OPTIMIZATIONSEO Optimization is normally  a loosely used term. A lot of people do not know the meaning of SEO Optimization or Search Engine Optimisation! If this sounds like you, please read on

SEO Optimization or Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and volume of real time traffic to web pages or whole sites from search engines through natural or organic search results for targeted keywords. Most often a website that gets a higher ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) is the one which the searchers will visit more often. Therefore, it is important that a site is well optimised to get real time traffic the correct way to make it more search-engine friendly and get a higher rank in the search results.
What is SEO OptimizationHow will SEO Optimization help your website?

SEO helps in boosting real time traffic to a website but it should not be considered as the marketing of the site. The concept behind the SEO technique is to get the highest ranking without paying since your site is relevant to the search query entered by the user.

The time that can be spent on optimising a website to get more traffic can range from a few minutes to a long term project depending on your market/industry. If your keywords for your product or service are uncommon, then some general SEO Optimization would be sufficient to get a higher rating. Should your product or service be competitive or in a saturated market, then it is important to put in a lot of time and effort for your SEO. Should you decides on simple SEO solutions, you need to understand how search engine algorithms work and which items are crucial in SEO Optimization to get real time traffic.
SEO optimization Steps Include:

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation efforts include inserting unique and relevant content into web pages to make it more attractive to users and also to ensure that the search engine robots can easily index the content. Optimising a site to get real time traffic can either be done by in house personnel or outsourced to professional optimizers who carry out SEO projects as a stand-alone service, like us – Web SEO Sevices.

SEO Optimization tactics can be varied to achieve top ranking in search results. These fall into three categories (White-Hat SEO, Grey-Hat SEO Optimization, and Black-Hat SEO Optimization) depending on legitimacy and ethics.

White Hat SEO Optimization uses strategies which are considered ethically correct and legitimate by SEO’s as well as search engines while spidering or browsing a site. It would be best to use this tactic as a means of achieving top ranking in the search results or SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). These tactics will not lead to penalties which are generally imposed when Black Hat SEO is used and even though it may take some amount of time to reap the rewards of this process, it will surely bring in promising results in terms of high rakings.

Grey Hat SEO Optimization uses tactics which may be considered legitimate if they are used correctly. However, these have been subjected to misuse by unethical SEO’s and webmasters. It is possible that your website will not get penalized or banned for using this strategy and it may be necessary to use this process at times, however, webmasters are careful in the use of these tactics. This is because search engines may penalize tactics that are subjected to abuse even though they are used in legitimate forms.

Black Hat SEO Optimization employs techniques that are considered illegitimate and unethical and which have been or will surely be penalized and cause your website to be banned by search engines. Since Black Hat SEO Optimization is subject to abuse widely because it tends to harm search engine user experience, it is recommended to avoid using it as a means of attaining high ranking.