July has been a busy month for our Social Media Department, with so many trending topics it will come as no surprise that our team has been out and about tweeting and posting on site, really putting the word “social” back into social media!

The month started off with the FIFA World Cup snatching the lime light. Whether fans were responding to a winning goal, the latest controversy or the next game, they all flocked to Twitter to talk about the game 672 million times. With the trending topic making its way across so many social media platforms our Social Media Crew decided to embrace the movement and attend our client, Shimmy Beach Club’s Soccer Experience Events. The strategy involved staying glued to the games, tweeting and retweeting every possible moment as well as uploading photos of the enthusiastic fans that attended the nights. It was not all work and no play though; our ladies were surrounded by excited crowds, tasting the delicious canapés, watching the games on a big screen all whilst submerged in style and an amazing atmosphere. Let’s just say that no matter which country they were supporting our Social Media team definitely scored!!

A widely celebrated day in South Africa in memory of our great president is Mandela Day. Nelson Mandela International Day was launched in recognition of Nelson Mandela’s birthday on 18 July and is a day which we celebrate this great man’s legacy and give back. Although this International day states that we should give back 67 Minutes of our time, the impact these minutes have on the morale and hearts of people in South Africa last a life time!

Our talented tweeters joined the Shimmy Beach Club team and visited the Homestead Projects for Street Children and Ons Plek. These organizations work so hard to change these beautiful children’s lives and our girls were honoured to be a part of this charity if only for a part of the day! The 67 Minutes did not stop there for the Web SEO Squad as team members made sure they did their part. Monique our feisty Social Consultant and Candise our Social Media Manager got involved on the weekend by visiting and donating to the Dassenberg Horse Rescue Centre and Gino our Technical director donated to children in need. We know that the giving will not stop as we head into a new month and Web SEO members will always find a way to do their part.


Even though the end of the month was approaching things did not slow down for Web SEO or Shimmy Beach Club. The Mother City was in Catwalk mode for the Fabulous Cape Town Fashion Week making Shimmy Beach Club, which is notorious for its Fashion Fridays, the place to be. This Waterfront paradise only became more popular (if that is even possible) as Limousine Extreme selected this hot spot to launch their new Pink Limo! Our ladies were on top of this event yet again tweeting and posting away as the beautiful Jen Su stepped out of a luxurious pink vehicle.  Enjoying everything pink including cocktails, cupcakes and fluffy boas it was easy to see why our team was tickled pink while posting about this extraordinary evening!

  Social Media at Shimmy Beach Club


All in all it was a very ‘’event-full’’ month – starting trends, joining trends and enjoying trends. With the calendar starting to fill up for August we cannot wait to see where the excitement will take our team this month!