There’s nothing quite like a freshly brewed cup of Joeseph first thing in the morning. And for a few of our staff members, no names will be mentioned (we know who we are), the day can’t start without one.

So what are we to do, when we have to retire our former coffee brewing appliance when it has reached the end of its tenure of service?

We upgrade!

Enter VeroAroma 300.

VeroAroma “Vero” 300
Human Resources

Since arriving on the scene, VeroAroma 300, affectionately known as “Vero”, has always had a bean to grind and has made quite the impression with its no-nonsense approach to on-the-demand coffee brewing – dispensing with its fully-automatic bean-to-cup services that always ensure a hot cup of goodness.

VeroAroma 300

Just look at all these buttons – most of them are options…

Vero, as an official member of the team, fulfilling a very important role, we welcome you and place our faith in your ability to serve up that aromatic wake-up beverage we have come to associate with the benchmark of coffee greatness.
Your safety is guaranteed in the unlikely event of a fire.

Also, some us (again, we know who we are) are depending on you to administer our daily recommended allowance of caffeine.