If you haven’t tried using google for your research it’s time! Google is the top most used website for reseach and leads in the search engine market by far! Google uses advanced mathematical and technical research methods to get the best quality and most relevant websites to the top.


They are an unbiased source that will bring you the result in the order that will be most helpful to you! Google is also fast! Their home page starts off almost completely blank! How’s that for a start!

In addition, powerful tools and resources are constantly in play to get sort through billions of websites to sort them according to your keywords—all in a fraction of a second!

Using Google for Research is not only great to do a quick search straight from the search bar or a toolbar, it has more great resources that you may not know about. If you are doing research, even if it’s just a personal topic you are interested in, you can’t always find it in by doing a regular search. Here are a few additional resources that will help you get your answers:

  • Advanced search—this takes a regular search a few steps further. Here you can fill out some extra fields to narrow down your research to the websites that have what you’re looking for.
  • The filter sidebar. When you perform a web search on Google, you’ll see a link at the top left corner of the result list that says “Show options”. This will open a sidebar of multiple ways you can filter the results. Need to see more text? Want to only show articles and pages that were posted within a certain time period? Need to find some related topics to narrow down your search? You can access all this from the filter sidebar!
  • Categories galore! Sometimes it helps to search within a category. For example, if you want to research something, a bunch of websites that are trying to sell you stuff probably won’t be very helpful. Along the top of the Google home page are a few of the top most wanted categories, like Images, News, and Shopping. At the end of that row, you’ll see “more” which shows you a drop down list of categories you might be interested in. At the bottom of that list is an “even more>>” link that will take you to the entire list of Google tools and category searches. Some of these tools won’t be helpful (at least not to get your homework done!) but others are great finds! Try these tools to for all kinds of research to get the best information out there
  • The toolbar. This is a separate download (which will only take a moment to do so!) that has additional helpful tools for any type of search. One of the tools is a Page Rank meter. This will tell you on a scale of 1-10 the importance of this website according to Google, 10 being the highest importance. Why does this help you? A page that ranks better means it is recognized the world leading website as a good, reputable website. It takes years and a lot of hard work and good content to be valued by Google. If you’re doing research, wouldn’t it be great to know whether the website you’re using for your research paper is valued by Google? It might help you decide whether you want to use it as your primary source!

So if you have not being using google for your research then it is time to start NOW!