Given the chance, I link most things marketing to a video game. Not by any means the nature in which we approach a very serious objective, simply as a way to bring a nostalgic sense of competition and challenge to a new project, idea or concept. Plus, with our agency name, it’s hard not to drop a ‘One Up’ pun in daily.

Operation Collaboration

The video game legend or map of the early 90’s provided many of us with a clear 8 bit goal: Get to the last level and beat the big boss. Much like marketing, we were able to identify where we were going to, and what levels we’d have to get through to get there. Often though, we’d come up against a real toughie, a bridge or baddie we simply couldn’t get past. After exhausting our own brain box we’d often hit the magazine store and the school locker room for extra help. We needed new tips, tricks and cheats!

Nowadays, we’ve got an abundance of these cheat sheets available to us, some hugely relevant, some not at all, but unlike the leisure of video game playing, we don’t often have endless time to find the right trick and complete the next level.

We always preferred the friend network to beating these games. They each had their own perspective, special moves and often were read up in all the right places. And, give us a free Saturday afternoon, together we’d often smash through several levels in one hit. Marketing or Mario, collaboration was always preferred.

Battling through marketing conundrums, original idea generation and effective planning, I’ve found huge relief in working with others. Whether for our own ecommerce brand activity on previously owned ventures, the agency’s marketing or approaching new client objectives-working with others to create something bigger and better is always our go to special move. The 2015 Consumer Marketing Insights Guide, featuring 25 South African experts, was our first piece working with this many agency based friends, such as Web SEO, and media partner Marketing Update, and we’re extremely proud. Download Free Here: 25 Consumer Marketing Insights for 2015

Operation Collaboration

Playing nicely with one another is a new mission for South African marketers, both brands working with brands and agencies working agencies. Some will run in with arms open, some a little more hesitant, whatever happens, those that can approach partnerships at least with an open mind will at minimum be exposed to new perspective, expertise and inspiration. A pretty big reward for simply a few additional glances looking over the bigger picture.

In 2013, 92% of Fortune 500 companies had initiated brand collaboration into their marketing mix. Coca Cola announced cross-industry partnerships has taken a leading role in their 2020 doubling sales strategy, revealed last year at the World Content Summit. In a recent whitepaper from UK based Marketing firm Mediator, 70% of respondents claimed Partnership Marketing was a highly cost effective means of expanding brand capability.

Whilst agency collaboration and brand partnerships have clear differences, and their own unique set of pro’s and con’s, the very expansion in mindset creates significant opportunities for marketers to utilise new tricks, new moves and new platforms. And 9 times out of 10, not a single cent would need to change hands between partners to unlock the reward.

So whilst you’re enjoying the 2015 Consumer Marketing Insights eBook, consider this one question: Which other players, both in and outside your space, could you be partnering with to add value, enhance credibility, or open new markets?

I will happily testify, open up your mind to collaboration and you’ll experience so much marketing sense that you may aswell crown it your 6th.

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