Google has given some new love to its Google Ads Mobile App by adding some new features. Namely optimisation score recommendations and finally, DARK MODE!

Here is a quick rundown of the new updates that rolled out at the beginning of the week.

First up is optimisation score recommendations.

The account overview screen will now display account and campaign level optimisation scores as well as their corresponding performance improvement recommendations.

Google notes campaigns that have recommendations with the highest potential impact are listed first. This makes it easier for users to prioritise the most critical recommendations.

Google has also added the option for users to receive notifications via the Google ads app when their optimisation score changes. This gives users the opportunity to take immediate action by tapping on the notification and applying Google’s recommendations.

And now the best part. Dark mode. Users can enable dark mode if they prefer darker background colours on their phone screen. If dark mode is enabled system wide in your phones settings, it will automatically be enabled in the Google Ads app. Dark mode can also be turned on automatically from the settings menu.

These updates are available now in the latest version of the Google Ads app on iOS and Android.