The web industry has always been fast paced and ever changing. This means that we at Web SEO are always trying to keep up with the stride. That being said, we often ask ourselves: what is the best way to bring in a fresh breeze of innovative ideas? With all the new additions to our office, we’ve discovered that adding new creative minds to our quirky team is definitely a big plus in the innovation department. That being said, let’s talk about how the Web SEO team managed to constantly revive our brains throughout the first half of 2016.

Let’s bring in new faces.

What’s more wonderful than a couple of fresh faces in the office? This year we welcomed three new team members to the company respectively for SEO (Paul), design (Gunther) and social media (Michelle). The addition is a sign that Web SEO is growing as a company and if that’s not motivation then we don’t know what is. It also means that we now have extra brains to help come up with new concepts for our strategies. That definitely stimulated all the right places to get our creative juices flowing.


Baby baby baby oooh!

Let’s not forget our favourite office admin, Claire, who we will be welcoming back in June. She was kidnapped for a short period by her new-born baby, Nate. A congratulations is definitely in order. Nevertheless, we missed her and are glad she is finally returning to the team.

Giving our office a facelift.

Our office was looking a bit bland so we felt the need to make our office more colourful and cheerful. Since we are a group of highly creative computer geeks (we don’t go out much as our web developer Nathan once accurately said), our offices needed to reflect that creativity. Leighton (the resident designer/ development guru) has taken it upon himself to spray paint two impressive murals on our office walls. That definitely added a wow factor to the general atmosphere while we bring inspiration to life.


Coffee glorious coffee.

What’s better than the smell of freshly brewed coffee every morning? Nothing, the answer is absolutely nothing. While we appreciated our old coffee maker, this new one can make a macchiato in two minutes. Needless to say, this new addition to our office has greatly improved productivity and efficiency, especially for those early mornings and late nights we work through.

That one day we had fun while failing at bowling.

Our company bowling competition was certainly a success. Every once in awhile we like to get off our computers for some physical activity (bowling is as physical as we get) and team building fun. The big winner this year is Darryl (and it’s not because he’s the boss) who played so well that even our SEO guru and self crowned bowling champ Rushi fell short.

Exciting new clients.

To top everything, this year we started working with some new clients (we are very excited about that). The prospects of having these new clients really motivated us to give it our all. The opportunity to collaborate with the creative teams from corporate companies such as Hisense and Just Letting has given us opportunities to expand our horizons even further.

All in all, the first half of 2016 has so far been fantastic for the Web SEO team. We are looking forward to what the rest of the year has in store for us and will certainly tackle it with every single creative cell in us.