Project Description

Budget Banners is a well known banner and printing company. They operate nationally and have a fully customized online ordering system.  Although their manufacturing is based in the business hub, Woodstock, Cape Town, they have recently launched operations in Johannesburg as well, due to high demand.

They are one of our bigger clients and we post daily for them, ensuring that their social media is up to date and optimized for best results.

We operate the following platforms for them:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

A years growth (the stats that matter):


Budget Banners


Budget Banners

As you can see they have had a huge growth spurt, link clicks up by 340% and counting just off their social media.

We love working with like-minded people and we know exactly what it is our clients are after, we do not bore you with hundreds of pages with graphs and pretty pictures, we provide you with the data that matters.