29 05, 2015


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What is an Infographic? Simply put, an infographic is nothing but a visual presentation of information, data and knowledge. It has become one of the most talked topics amid web bloggers, content marketers and SEO strategists in recent time. Infographics not only catch the eye of your audience, but they could form a very good [...]

16 10, 2014

Team Building and a Team Reunited

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Besides our masterful optimising, designing and creating what has the Web SEO Squad been up to this last month? Here are a few snippets of what our energetic team has been up to lately. Blue Birds and Heavy Chefs There is nothing quite like a room filled with Social Media addicts…um I mean experts this [...]

30 07, 2014

6 Secrets of a Killer Website

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1. Fast and Furious We live in a fast paced world where people hate to wait. Do you agree? Users don’t want to wait for slow-as-a-tortoise content to open or download and if your website is not up to standard they will definitely go elsewhere. Try not to overload your site with unnecessary complex designs [...]

2 06, 2014

Introduction to SEO 2014

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To 'SEO' or not to 'SEO' In 2014 The term ‘SEO’ is relatively new within South Africa and many entrepreneurs are left in despair when confronted with this strange acronym. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the forefront of digital marketing. In a nutshell SEO is a process that increases a websites visibility(ranking) within [...]

20 05, 2014

Consider SEO from the get-go

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If SEO is to any site, what status updates are to any facebook profile, then without it, you may as well be non-existent. A site that lacks any basic SEO optimization is a site that may not even exist in the index of any search engine. Let's imagine for a minute that search engines, like [...]

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