29 05, 2015


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What is an Infographic? Simply put, an infographic is nothing but a visual presentation of information, data and knowledge. It has become one of the most talked topics amid web bloggers, content marketers and SEO strategists in recent time. Infographics not only catch the eye of your audience, but they could form a very good [...]

6 06, 2014

Social Media Trends Shaping 2014

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Social media moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. So which trends are shaping the social space in 2014? Social listening for one. One quarter of marketers plan to use social listening strategies in 2014, but just 31 percent think their methodology is effective. [...]

31 03, 2014

20 Captivating Marketing Statistics

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Infographics seem to be getting more and more popular lately. They’re certainly fun to look at, and they convey useful information in a format that’s fast and easy to digest. This infographic looks ahead within 2014 to explore the trends and changes we can expect. One statistic that surprised me was about the growth of [...]

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