13 04, 2018

WooCommerce – Adding or removing a percentage amount from all products with a SQL database Query

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We've worked with many clients who use Wordspress' WooCommerce framework to run and manage their ecommerce stores, and quite often certain "adjustments" need to be applied to products on a bulk-scale. Typically, there are many plugins available to service such needs - but sometimes, all you need is a quick once-off solution that gives you [...]

2 11, 2017

Hentry Fixer Worpdress Plugin for hAtom errors

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WP Hentry Fixer (ver 0.1.2) WP Hentry Fixer allows you to rectify common hAtom errors appearing in Google Search Console (Search Appearance > Structured Data) in the following ways: Removing "hentry" classes from inapplicable pages (like generic pages or attachment pages - included by certain themes on occassion) Inject hentry data into the following types [...]

12 05, 2016

Simple todo App with BackboneJS and Firebase

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Firebase is a fantastically handy realtime database, in which you store your data in JSON format, this tutorial aims to provide a very simple example todo app which you can easily extend upon to build something amazing in realtime. First steps To begin with, we need to include some dependencies in our HTML, these will [...]