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20 05, 2020

Content Marketing in the midst of Covid-19 – The Importance of Tone

By | 2020-05-20T14:32:34+02:00 May 20th, 2020|Tips, Tricks or Guides|0 Comments

Covid-19 was a surprise to the entire world, and with it has come drastic changes to how we think, as people and as customers. No longer can we afford to go out to businesses and restaurants in person, or afford to spend money frivolously. Everyone is feeling the pinch, especially businesses, and with the shift [...]

13 05, 2020


By | 2020-05-13T14:25:51+02:00 May 13th, 2020|Tips, Tricks or Guides|0 Comments

The world of e-commerce is ever-changing, but now more so than ever. The COVID-19 effect on e-commerce is changing the way consumers shop, and the changes aren’t going to go away - even after this pandemic comes to an end. Customers are trying to adapt to strange times, and business owners are facing the same [...]

6 05, 2020

One of our secret to our success: SEO PowerSuite

By | 2020-05-14T11:48:27+02:00 May 6th, 2020|SEO Articles|0 Comments

SEO is a very advanced online field which requires expert planning, research, execution and adjustment to an ever-changing online marketing environment. Each year, Google alone changes its search algorithm about 500–600 times, making SEO a full-time, and necessary practice. Professionally executed SEO will allow your website to experience a large influx of website traffic increasing [...]

5 05, 2020


By | 2020-05-05T14:28:24+02:00 May 5th, 2020|SEO Articles|0 Comments

The name on everyone’s mind right now is COVID-19. As this new pandemic sweeps across the globe, devastating many countries, businesses, and livelihoods, marketers are scrambling to adjust their SEO strategies to account for the unprecedented damage to their businesses. From panic buying to layoffs, the Caronavirus has had varying impacts across all industries. As [...]

20 04, 2020

Google Ads App Updated with Optimisation Score Recommendations

By | 2020-04-20T07:46:59+02:00 April 20th, 2020|Uncategorised|0 Comments

  Google has given some new love to its Google Ads Mobile App by adding some new features. Namely optimisation score recommendations and finally, DARK MODE! Here is a quick rundown of the new updates that rolled out at the beginning of the week. First up is optimisation score recommendations. The account overview screen will [...]

14 04, 2020

Google My Business Photo and Video content policy changes.

By | 2020-04-14T09:12:50+02:00 April 14th, 2020|Uncategorised|0 Comments

 Google has made an adjustment to the photo and video content policy for Google My Business listings. Going forward, photos and videos will be reviewed before being published. Given that a mandatory review was not in place before, you can likely expect some delay with photos and videos showing up on a GMB profile [...]

25 03, 2020

Updating Your Google My Business Listing

By | 2020-03-25T19:22:31+02:00 March 25th, 2020|Uncategorised|0 Comments

Google‘s latest ‘Search for Beginners’ video on YouTube is an introduction on how to use Google My Business. This is actually the last video in the Search for Beginners series, though Google says it will continue to add new content to the Google Webmasters YouTube channel. Given that the information in this video series is [...]

23 03, 2020

Google Launches COVID-19 Info site and a new search experience for Coronavirus queries

By | 2020-03-25T19:18:42+02:00 March 23rd, 2020|Videos|0 Comments

After some rumours of Google producing a website for the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Search engine launched a new search experience for coronavirus queries which is available at   The website is primarily dedicated to education, prevention and local resources. This will allow people easy access to state-based information, safety tips and search trends related [...]

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